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Web Essay Work Day 2

This is the post for the Wednesday, October 14, 2015 class meeting.

Wow-completely-unnecessary-meme-7781Important Dates

  • October 16: Fall Break (no class meeting, woohoo!)
  • October 21: Project 3 Peer Review
  • October 26: Project 3: Interrogate a Story Source due by 11:59 PM

Choosing Images

The images you include in your web essay should contribute to the analysis you are presenting. If they don’t directly relate to the points you are making, they are "completely unnecessary."

Using what you learned from the video "Stock images are a waste of space" brainstorm about how you can use images in your web essay in the Padlet for your class:

If you can’t think of ideas, consider how images are used in Writer/Designer to illustrate the concepts of the rhetorical situation. design choices, modes of communication, and affordances and constraints.

Integrating Media

As you use media in your analysis, integrate the resources into your essay. The process is similar to the strategy you use when adding quotations to an essay. For a non-literary example, think about how a newscaster talks about a video of an eyewitness account of an event or how a sportscaster talks about a replay of a key play. Here’s one example:

  1. Introduce the media specifically.
    • Tell readers what the media is.
    • Preview why the media is there.
  2. Insert the media, and adjust the alignment so it fits into the surrounding linguistic text.
  3. Explain why the media is there (e.g., how does it contribute to the point you are making).
  4. Be sure that you add documentation for the image if you did not take/make it yourself.

You can refer to these resources from Project 1 as well:

In-Class Writing

You will work on your project in class, but you do not need to complete any quiz or post. If you have any question you don’t have a chance to ask in class, send me an email.


For Friday (10/16), have a nice day off. Enjoy your break weekend.

For Monday’s session (10/19), do the following before class:

For Wednesday’s session (10/21), do the following before class:

  • Post the link to a draft of your web essay ready for peer review by 11:59 PM on 10/20 (no grace period).
  • If you do not post a link, you cannot be assigned peer review partners.