Project 4 Presentation

Your presentation is worth 10 points of your Project 4 grade. The rubric is available in Canvas, on the assignment page. There is no grace period for presentations, and there are no make-up presentations.

Presentation Requirements

In your presentation, you will present your project, talking about what you did and why you did it. See "Reporting on Your Final Project" (pp. 132–133) of Writer/Designer for more information. It’s okay if your project isn’t quite finished on your presentation day. You will present whatever you have.

Your presentation should show off your project as you explain the following information:

  • your rhetorical choices
  • your design choices
  • your modal choices
  • how you took advantages of affordances
  • how you worked around any constraints

Your presentation should be 5 to 6 minutes long. The time slots are 7 minutes, to allow for switching between presenters and presentation materials.

Preparing Your Presentation

You can show your presentation in whatever way makes sense for the genre you have chosen. Some people play their remix in completion. Others show only particular sections. You may choose particular sections and embed them in a presentation tool (e.g., PowerPoint, Google Slides, Prezi) if you like.

Turning In Your Presentation Link

The day before your in-class presentation, submit the link to your presentation in the "Remix Presentation" assignment in Canvas by 9 PM the night before your presentation. I will use that link to prepare the post for the class session. Late submission will lower your presentation grade.

During Presentations

Please be polite and pay attention to your classmates. During presentations, you should not be fiddling around on your phone or computer. If you are, you will lower your presentation grade.

Likewise, you should be in class and show support and respect for your classmates. If you are absent or not being respectful, you will lower your presentation grade.