Your About Page

allaboutmeThe About Page for your portfolio can include the image and explanatory statement that you wrote for Project 1 (your identity statement). You need to revise that statement, however, to make it work on the web.

Alternately, you can write a more direct About page that tells someone about you, the author of the site, and why you made the site. At its most basic, it identifies you as the author and talks about your career goals or your goals for the portfolio. This content is similar to the author bio that you’d find on the back cover of a book.

Do protect your own privacy and only divulge information that you are comfortable with the entire world reading. If you are in the witness protection program, realize that you do not have to include a photo of yourself or use your real name.

Here are some examples that show the kind of information you might include:

I also also have some how-to links that might help you: