Class Logistics

Blackboard icon, showing the letters a, b, c. How do class sessions work?

  1. Hold your questions until I have the computer logged in and set up for the session.
  2. I begin each class session with attendance.
  3. Once everyone is accounted for, I go over any announcements and the plans for the day.
  4. I answer any general questions.
  5. I talk about the activities for the day, usually spending less than 15 minutes (I hate lectures).
  6. After talking about the day’s plan, I will ask you to work in class, either in groups, in pairs, or independently. Be prepared to work every class session by having your files and relevant resources with you or available online.
  7. Most days, I will work my way around the classroom, having a mini-conference with each of you.
  8. At the end of most sessions, you will respond to a simple in-class writing (using the Quizzes or Discussion tool in Canvas).

Icon showing 2 people meeting.What are mini-conferences? While you are working on projects in class, I check in with each one of you. With 22 students in a 50-minute class, I average 2 minutes each. During these fast meetings, I ask you to share what you are working on, tell me what you need help with, and make sure that you are on track.

What if someone has a question that cannot wait? Before I begin moving from student to student, I ask if anyone needs help with a burning question, and I help those students first. After taking care of the burning questions, I work around the classroom systematically from front to back, down each row.

What happens if time runs out before I talk to everyone? I watch the clock as I move around. If I see that there are only five minutes left and realize I cannot get to everyone, I ask if there is anyone who has an issue or question that won’t wait and use those last five minutes to help them (or make arrangements to meet during office hours). I pick up where I left off during the next session.