Project 3 Web Essay Checklist

As you finalize your project, make sure that you have taken care of these requirements for the project:

  1. Use a clear and unique title that fits your web essay and only your web essay. If that title can go on the essay of anyone in the class, it’s not specific enough.

  2. Cover all of the following areas of analysis (see the textbook for help on these concepts) in your web essay:

    • Rhetorical situation: Audience, Purpose, Context, Author, and Genre.
    • Design choices: Emphasis, Contrast, Organization, Alignment, and Proximity.
    • Modes of communication: Linguistic, Visual, Spatial, Aural, and Gestural.
    • Affordances and constraints
  3. Include well-integrated evidence (e.g., quotations, images, screenshots, audio clips, video clips) that enhances and reinforces your analysis. Be sure that you refer to the evidence in the linguistic text of your essay and that the images are placed near those references.   

  4. Set up clear navigation between/among the pages of your web essay.

  5. Check your links to make sure everything works. Even though it seems dull and boring and you are certain everything works, check them. Go to each page of your web essay, click on the links on that page, and make sure that they go to where they are supposed to.

  6. Proofread all your page carefully. Use the "Proofread Writing" tool in WordPress (shown below).
    Proofread tool in WordPress
    For an extra check, you can copy the contents out, page-by-page, to your word processor and use the tool’s spelling and grammar checker.