Checklist icon, signifying the class attendance rollDo you take attendance? Yes, I do. I will notice if you are missing, and it will affect your participation grade. Class attendance and participation are important to doing well in this course.

What if I am late? If you are late for class, make sure that I update your attendance record so that you have not been marked absent. If you are significantly late, you will earn only 80% credit for the day.

What if I have to get to Shanks from some far-away building like Litton-Reaves? Talk to me during the first week of class and then follow up by sending me an email message with the details. The class is flexible enough to allow for reasonable accomodations, but you have to let me know in advance.

What if I have a really good reason for the absence?

If you miss a deadline because of an illness, death in the family, or family emergency, see the Student Advocacy page from the Dean of Students Office for details on how to document the situation.

If you have an issue that affects your ability to complete the course, you may qualify for Academic Relief. For personal medical issues, contact the Schiffert Health Center, and for psychiatric or psychological issues, contact the Cook Counseling Center.

How can I let me know about an absence or a similar issue? Tell me in class in advance if you can, and email me so I remember where you will be. If you don’t know in advance, just email me when you can. I check mail at the beginning of class, so I’ll know not to wait for you if you aren’t going to make it.

How do I show you documentation for an absence? If you have documentation, you can email it to me or show it to me during the previous or next class session (whichever makes sense for your situation). Remember to obscure your personal ID number and any other personal information if you email a photo of your documentation.