Rough Cuts and Revision Plans

This is the post for the Wednesday, November 11, 2015 class meeting.

Upcoming Schedule

Fri, 11/13 Work on your project in-class and mini-conferences
Mon, 11/16 Sign-up for presentations; discuss Chapter 8 and plans for the week
Tue, 11/17 Post your Project 4 draft by 11:59 PM for peer review (no grace period). Peer review partners will be automatically assigned after midnight.
Wed, 11/18 Work online to respond to the two partners you have been assigned by 11:59 PM. Grace period ends 11:59 PM Th, 11/19. No classroom meeting.
Fri, 11/20 Write and submit your revision plan for Project 4 by 11:59 PM. Grace period ends 11:59 PM Su, 11/22. No classroom meeting.
TurkeyThanksgiving Break: Nov 21 to Nov 29turkey
Mon, Nov 30 Discuss submission for Project 4 and the final exam assignment. Project 4 due by 11:59 PM
Wed, Dec 2 through Wed, Dec 9 In-class Presentations (no grace period for presentations). Link to your presentation is due by 11:59 PM the day before you present.
Wed, Dec 9 Project 4 Grace Period ends at 11:59 PM
Exam Week Final Exam (officially):

  • 10:10 course: Due by 9:45 AM on Wed, Dec 16
  • 11:15 course: Due by 5:25 PM on Mon, Dec 14


Presentation Sign-Up

roughwolfPresentation sign-up will be on Monday. Be in class and ready to choose your time slot when the sign-up form opens. In your presentation, you will show off your project, talking about what you did and why you did it. It’s okay if your project isn’t quite finished. You will present whatever you have.

Rough Cuts, Rough Drafts, and Revision Plans

  • A rough cut (for timeline-based projects) or prototype (for static projects) is usually rougher, or less finished, than a rough draft.

  • The “Planning Your Rough Cut” section of Chapter 7 (pp. 107–109) includes lists of the basic decisions you should make by the time you have a rough cut. You need to answer the questions in the "Rough Cut Progress" quiz by the end of class on Friday (grace period will end on Sunday at 5:30 PM).

  • You will use the following information next week:

    • Tue, 11/17: Explain your rhetorical situation (pp. 111–112) when you submit your draft for peer review.
    • Wed, 11/18: Use the questions for providing feedback (pp. 112–115) when you give feedback to your partners
    • Fri, 11/20: Follow the information on revision plans (pp. 116–118) to plan your remaining work on the project.

In-Class Writing for Today or Friday

Go to the "Rough Cut Progress" quiz in Canvas and explain the decisions you have made for your project. See the information on pp. 107–109 of Writer/Designer for help.


For Friday, do the following before class:

  • Be prepared to work in class.
  • Have your textbook if you have not finished the "Rough Cut Progress" quiz. Grace period ends at 5:30 PM on Sunday, 11/15.

For Monday, do the following before class:

  • Be on time for presentation sign-up.
  • Be prepared to work in class.
  • Read Chapter 8 of Writer/Designer. Pay particular attention to the information on presenting your "Reporting on Your Final Project" (pp. 132–133).