Project 4 Work, Review, & Revisions

This is the post for the week of Monday, November 16, 2015 class meeting.

Group of turkeys, with the caption, Something's up. The farmer just unfriended me on FacebookToday’s post covers the work for the entire week. You can jump ahead to the plans for each day with these links:

There is work to be submitted for Wednesday’s and Friday’s class sessions. Be sure to turn in everything on time to get credit for your work.

Monday’s Session (11/16)

Signing Up for Your Presentation Time Slot

Once everyone has a computer logged into Canvas, we will use the Scheduler tool in the Calendar (Canvas Documentation) to sign up for presentation time slots. Sign up is first-come, first-served. Check out the Project 4 Presentations page for full details on what you need to present and how to submit your presentation link.

Reviewing the Week’s Work

We’ll review the plans for the week, which are all below. Spend your time in class today working on whatever part of your project you need to. I’ll help with any questions. Remember that effort is part of the calculation for your grade, so be sure that you are working during the entire class session.

Submitting Your Draft for Peer Review

Post your link in the Peer Review for Project 4 Discussion in Canvas (Canvas Documentation ) for peer feedback by 11:59 PM on Tuesday, November, 11/17 (no grace period). Follow the directions in Canvas for the information to include. Submit whatever you have. You can add details in your post on any significant work you still need to do.

Wednesday’s Online Session (11/18)

Remember that there will be no classroom meeting and that I will not have any office hours. Allow 24 hours or so for me to respond to any email messages, since I will be busy with dental work and the aftermath.

Providing Peer Review Feedback

At 12:03 AM Wednesday, Canvas will automatically assign you two classmates, whom you will provide with peer feedback. Respond to the two drafts you have been assigned for Peer Feedback, following the instructions in the Peer Review for Project 4 Discussion in Canvas by 11:59 on 11/18. The grace period ends at 11:59 PM on Thursday, 11/19.

Friday’s Online Session (11/20)

Remember that there will be no classroom meeting and that I will not have any office hours.

Writing Your Revision Plan

Write your revision plan, using a word processor, following the instructions on the Revision Plan page. Find the information on revision plans on pp. 116–118 of Writer/Designer. Write and submit your revision plan for Project 4 by 11:59 PM on Friday, 11/20. The grace period ends 11:59 PM Sunday, 11/22.

After Thanksgiving Break

Monday, 11/30
We’ll go over how to submit Project 4 and the assignment for the final exam.

Wednesday, 12/2 through Wednesday, 12/9
In-class presentations of Project 4. Submit the link to your presentation by 9 PM the night before your presentation. There is no grace period for presentations, and there are no make-up presentations.

Final Exam
Official due dates

  • 10:10 course: Due by 9:45 AM on Wednesday, 12/16
  • 11:15 course: Due by 5:25 PM on Monday, 12/14

Your exam is a take-home, and it will consist of creating a revision and sustainability plan for your online portfolio site. We will go over the assignment on Monday, 11/30.

End of Grace Period: If you need additional time, submit your final by noon on Wednesday, 12/16. If your work is not in by noon, you will receive a zero. Because I have to turn in course grades, I cannot extend the grace period beyond noon on the 12/16 unless you have a letter from the Dean of Students indicating extenuating circumstances.